Parraguez & Marín is a law firm formed by reputed and experienced professionals of excellence. It is composedby an important group of lawyers from DyP AbogadosEstudio Juan Agustín Figueroamerged with Marín &Cía., a  recognizedlaw firm from Antofagasta. Our main area of expertise is the representation of legal and judicial interests of companies and families businesses, in civil, commercial, constitutional, administrative and consumer rights practice areas. We advise companies on mining, corporate, commercial, labor and employment, criminal, antitrust and regulatory issues related to specific activities in the environment, natural resources, real-estate, social security, health and compliance regulations. Parraguez & Marín has two main offices, in Santiago and Antofagasta, which enables the firm to provide immediate and accessible legal counseling to our clients located in the most important regions of the center and north of our country.


Litigation and Arbitration

  • Constitutional Actions.
  • Arbitration.
  • Civil Litigation.
  • Commercial Litigation.
  • Litigation in Contentious and Administrative areas, and before Superintendencies.
  • Antitrust and Competition Litigation.
  • Consumer Protection Litigation.
  • Natural Resources Litigation.
  • Employment and Labor Litigation.
  • International Litigation between private parties.
  • Estate distribution.
  • Prevention of Strategic Dispute and Litigious Claims.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Expropriations.

Corporate, Commercial and Company Law 

  • Design, Negotiation and Implementation of Partnership Formulae.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Contract Negotiation and Management in Corporate, Commercial, Foreign Investment Financing Areas and, in general, in the own matters of Business Activities.
  • Organization of Real Estate and Family Government.
  • Incorporation, organization and corporate government.
  • Corporate government.
  • National and international contract negotiation.
  • Option Agreement and Stock Options.

Mining, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment

  • Advice on negotiation and administration (including financing) of agreements for the performance of great mining and infrastructure projects (EPC, EPCM agreements, etc.).
  • Advice on constitution, maintenance and litigation related to mining ownership rights.
  • Advice on Foreign Investments.
  • Regulations and permits.
  • Project development and financing.
  • Advice on electric power subjects, NCRE.

Employment and Labor Law

  • Employment contracts.
  • Class actions.
  • Occupational diseases.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Trade Union rights.
  • Collective bargaining processes.
  • Anti-Union practices.
  • Internal rules of Order, Hygiene and Safety at work.
  • Collective employment relations.
  • Protection of Fundamental Rights.
  • Termination of contracts.

 Criminal Law

  • Defense of corporate criminal actions.
  • Prevention and Compliance.

Límites a las actuaciones de cobranza

Con fecha 19 de diciembre de 2018, la Tercera Sala de la Corte Suprema acogió un recurso de protección incoado por una persona quien señala que se le está cobrando una deuda judicial inexistente de manera extrajudicial, pero aparentando el aviso de cobro ser un...

La sentencia más importante del año

Muy probablemente, la sentencia de 29 de noviembre de 2018 de la Corte Suprema (rol 100579-2016) sea la más importante sobre relaciones de consumo y bienes y servicios financieros en lo que va de este año. Enfrentó al Sernac con BBVA a través de una acción de interés...

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