Legal Team

Emmanuel Bernales


Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences from the Universidad de Talca’s Law School (2013). Master’s in Law Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s Law School (Summa cum laude, 2014-2016). Currently, he is candidate for a Ph. D. degree from the Universidad de Talca’s Law School (2014-).

In addition, he has participated in specialization courses in the areas of Criminal Psychology and Criminology from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México (Summa cum laude, 2008-2009).

His practice focuses on litigation and dispute resolution, particularly regarding labor and criminal matters, the latter being related to compliance and risk prevention models, complex economic crimes and corporate advisory (unfair administration and incompatible negotiation).

His professional practice has been based in various public and private institutions. He initiated it in the Chilean Prosecutor’s Office, where he remained for four years in various positions and Prosecution Offices. Subsequently, he was Head of Law Division of the Criminal Prosecution Office of the Municipality of Vitacura, where he directed about 20 professionals and administrative personnel, for three years. In this position, it was his responsibility to assume the advice and judicial representation of the most complex controversies before the superior courts of justice. Finally, he advised the firm Chadwick y Raymond Cía. (2018-2019) in various highly complex criminal cases. Later, he joined Parraguez y Marín litigation team (2020-).

In academic matters, he works and has worked as undergraduate and graduate Law Professor in various national universities, like Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Finis Terrae, among others. In addition, he has been a speaker at various national and international seminars such as the South America Business Forum. In turn, he has directed a dozen theses and undergraduate and graduate research papers at various national universities. Lastly, he has been appointed arbitrator of various publications and a member of the Editorial Committee of various journals of national and international prestige, like Revista Chilena de Derecho de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (arbitrator) and Revista de Derecho de la Universidad de Anahuac México Sur (member of the Editorial Committee), among others.


For three years, he advised as an expert in security matters to the Municipal Security Commissions and Councils of the Municipality of Vitacura.
He was a lawyer at the Chilean Prosecutor’s Office in several cases and complex investigations.
He advises and represents in labor and criminal matters a number of companies, such as Antofagasta Minerals, Antofagasta Railway Company, Minera Zaldívar, Minera Centinela, Mintera Antucoya and Michilla Costa SpA, Enaex S.A. and Enaex Servicios S.A., among others.
(Español) Asesora y representa en materia laboral y penal a Enaex S.A. y Enaex Servicios S.A.


Doctor of Law candidate

Universidad de Talca – 2014-present

Master in Law Sciences

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Summa cum laude) – 2016

Specialization courses of Criminal Psychology and Criminology

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México (Summa cum laude) – 2009

Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences

Universidad de Talca – 2013

Areas of Practice

Criminal litigation

Labor litigation

Administrative litigation

Civil, Commercial and Constitutional litigation


Spanish, English and German

Awards and Honours

He was a fellow for the Vicerrectory of Investigation. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (YEAR)

He represented Chile in the South América Business Forum. Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) Argentina. Foro Económico y Político – 2008

He was awarded the Santander Scolarship – 2008

He was awarded the Abate Juan Ignacio Molina Scolarship. Universidad de Talca – 2008

He was awarded the Corfo. Universidad Chileno Británica de Cultura – 2013

Activities and Membershipss

He collaborated in the FONDECYT Regular Project N° 1090001. Álvaro Bunster Briceño, vida obra e influencia en la dogmática penal actual. “Evolución de la Doctrina penal chilena, desde el Código Penal de 1874 hasta nuestros días. Análisis sincrónico y diacrónico. Segunda parte (período 1946-2007)”. Main Investigator: Jean Pierre Matus Acuña (2009 – 2011)

Co-investigator in the Project “Predeterminantes de la Criminalidad en Chile”. Universidad de Chile Main Investigator: Jean Pierre Matus Acuña (2013 – 2014)

He was Editorial Secretary of the Revista de Ciencias Penales de Chile. Institutos de Ciencias Penales de Chile

Executive Secretary of the Centro de Estudios e Investigación Cesare Beccaria. Universidad Finis Terrae

Security Councils Advisor. Law Nº 20.965