Legal Team

Rodrigo Marín


Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s Law School (1992).

Additionally, he holds a Diploma in Economy for Lawyers (DEEA), awarded by the Universidad de Chile’s Economy and Businesses (1993), a Diploma in New Criminal Procedure, awarded by Universidad Católica del Norte (2003) and a Diploma in Organizational Development awarded by the Faculty of Industrial Civil Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2007).

His practice is focused on litigation and business consultancy, with special emphasis in Labor, Environmental and Administrative Law.

He began his professional practice in 1994, as an associate attorney at the Carlos Marín Salas Abogados Asociados firm, in Antofagasta, which in 1998 transformed into Marín y Cía., where he became a partner (1998-2017). His practice led him to become well recognized and highly valued in Antofagasta, developing and consolidating Marín y Cía. as a leading firm in the Northern Region of Chile. After the merger with Del Río y Parraguez, Estudio Juan Agustín Figueroa, in 2017, he became a partner of Parraguez y Marín.

He has advised some of the main mining companies in the North of Chile, and of its supplying companies.

He was an Associate Professor for the modules of Commercial Law and Economic Law in the Universidad Católica del Norte’s Law School (1994-1995). +569 3393 8220


For more than 20 years, he has advised the Antofagasta Railway Company in corporate, commercial, environmental, labor and judicial matters. It stands out his representation of the company in several trials regarding lead contamination and lead poisoning.
He has represented and advised the mining companies that are part of the Antofagasta Minerals group, in several labor trials, and regarding the constitution and protection of mining easements.
He has represented Minera Escondida and Minera Spence for over 15 years in several labor and constitutional procedures. Likewise, he has represented Minera Escondida in several procedures oriented to constitute, protect and maintain its mining properties and easements.
He has advised Antofagasta Terminal Internacional S.A. in labor and environmental matters, representing it in several labor and administrative procedures, regarding the accumulation of minerals.
For over 15 years, he has advised Ameco Chile S.A. in labor and administrative matters, representing it in some of its more relevant trials.
He has advised Mitta (formerly, Autorentas del Pacífico) in labor matters, and he has represented it in many labor-related lawsuits for more than 15 years.
For more than 6 years, he has represented Ultraport, settled in the northern city of Mejillones, in several relevant labor lawsuits.


Diploma in Organizational Development

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s School of Industrial Civil Engineer – 2007

Diploma in New Criminal Procedure

Universidad Católica del Norte – 2003

Diploma in Economy for Lawyers (DEEA)

Universidad de Chile’s Economy and Businesses School – 1993

Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile – 1992

Areas of Practice

Labor Law

Civil, Commercial and Constitucional Litigation

Administrative Procedures

Criminal Procedures

Advisory to companies on labor, union and collective bargaining matters



Activities and Membershipss

Member of the Antofagasta Bar Association